Sales Management 


Sales Management Made Easy

From quotes to invoices, in just a few clicks.

Drive your sales operations from quotes to invoices with all the information you need, easily accessible. Keep track of long term contracts, automate invoicing and notify sales when they have things to do.

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Create Professional Quotations

Create quotations in a matter of seconds. Send quotes by email or get a professional PDF. Track quotations, and convert them to sales order in one click.

Spend the extra time focusing on selling, not recording data.

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Fully Integrated

The information your need, where you need it.

Don't lose time looking for customers, products or contracts related information; they are all conveniently accessible when creating quotations.

Get access to stock availabilities in the different warehouses, to customer's specific prices, to the history of preceeding offers for this prospect, etc.

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Your Address Book

So many features, so easy to use.
Load customer data from LinkedIn, assign tags to your prospects, manage relationships between contacts and store all customer's preferences including pricing, billing conditions, addresses, payment terms, etc.

Navigate through all the documents related to a customer with the powerfull breadcrumb: quotations, invoices, emails, meetings.

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Fully Integrated Invoicing

All the invoicing methods you need.

Whether you invoice based on time and materials, on delivery orders or fixed price; Odoo supports all possible methods.

Get recurring invoices produced automatically, create advances in just a few clicks, re-invoices expenses easily, etc.

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Keep track of your contracts

Get rid of wasted paper and record all your contracts in the application. Invoices are generated automatically based on your contract conditions. Your account managers get alerts before contracts have to be renewed.

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Communicate Efficiently With Customers

The chatter feature enables you to communicate faster and more efficiently with your customer. This takes place directly on a quotation or sale order from within Odoo or via email.

Get all the negotiations and discussions attached to the right document and relevent managers notified on specific events.

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Fully Extensible

Activate features on demand.
By default, sales order are very simple, limited to a small number of features. Don't be confused by features you don't need.

But you can activate options to fit your specific need: multi-warehouses, multi unit of measures, manage customer specific prices with pricelists, control margins on quotations, use different addresses for shipping and billing, etc.

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Built-in Customer Relationship Management

Activate the CRM application to manage your funnel of opportunities, attract leads, log calls, schedule meetings and launch marketing campaigns.

Opportunities can be converted into quotations in just one click.

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Drive Engagement with Gamification

Define clear targets and commission plans. Get real time statistics on the performance of individual sales or teams. Motivate your teams with challenges, rewards and leaderboards.

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Have Clear Pricing Strategies

Use pricelists to record special conditions for a specific customer or to define prices for a segment of customers. Define promotions and have them applied automatically for all your sales teams.