Buy it, Fix it, Sell it...PROFITS


This project is a module developed by our team according to the needs of one of our clients who would like to manage his properties (Homes, Cars) he buy to fix them, and resell them for a profit.

For reasons of confidentiality, we do not put the name of the client in relation with this project.


In this user manual, we will describe this use case:
An owner called "Michel" wants to sell his house. The building expert of the company estimates that if she buys the house and repairs it, it can be resold with a profit of 40%. If the company has purchased this house, a project containing repration tasks will be created.


The first step is to set up a probability to create the project as this image shows. The configuration will be found in (Property -> Configuration -> Settings).


Project template:

Create a project template that contains a list of tasks. This template will be used to automatically generate tasks for new projects in the same category.

In this exemple, we created a template called "Repair product" and we defined some standard tasks for a project, like : Repair doors, fix windows...   


Integration of a new project:

After setting up the probability and defining the project template, let's create a lead for this opportunity.

As the image below shows:
  • The  Lead is "Michel".
  • The product is the House.
  • We set a probability (40%) greater than what we configured (30%).
  • For this opportunity we want to use the template "Repair House".

After saving, a new project will be created, with a copy of the tasks of the project template.


If the probability is lower than the configuration, then no project will be created.