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Open Source e-Commerce

Optimize sales with an awesome online store.
Odoo e-Commerce is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Get an awesome catalog of products and great product description pages.

It's full-featured, integrated with your management software, fully customizable and super easy.

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Create Awesome Product Pages

Get rid of old WYSIWYG editors.
Odoo's unique 'edit inline' and building blocks approach makes product pages creation surprisingly easy. "Want to change the price of a product? or put it in bold? Want to add a banner for a specific product?" just click and change. What you see is what you get. Really.

Drag & Drop well designed 'Building Blocks' to create beautifull product pages that your customer will love.

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Increase Your Revenue Per Order

Do you want fries with that?

The built-in cross-selling feature helps you offer extra products related to what the shopper put in his cart. (e.g. accessories)

Odoo's upselling algorythm allows you to show visitors similar but more expensive products than the one in view, with incentives.

The inline editing feature allows you to easily change a price, launch a promotion or fine tune the description of a product, in a just a click.

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A Clean Google Analytics Integration

Control your sales funnel with Google Analytics.
Get a clear visibility of your sales funnel. Odoo's Google Analytics trackers are configured by default to track all kind of events related to shopping carts, call-to-actions, etc.

As Odoo marketing tools (mass mailing, campaigns, etc) are also linked with Google Analytics, you get a complete view of your business.

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Target New Markets

Multi-languages Without Pain.

Get your website translated in multiple languages with no effort. Odoo proposes and propagates translations automatically across pages.

Our translation "on demand" features allows you to benefit from professional translators to translate all your changes automatically. Just change any part of your website (a new blog post, a page modification, product descriptions, ...) and the translated versions are updated automatically in around 32 hours.

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Fine Tune Your Catalog

Boost Sales by Emphasizing Best Products.
Get a full control on how you display your products in the catalog page: promotional ribbons, related sized of products, discounts, variants, grid/list view, etc.

Edit any product inline to make your website evolve with your customer need.

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Acquire New Customers

SEO tools at your finger tips.

SEO tools are ready to use, with no configuration required. Odoo suggests keywords according to Google most searched terms, Google Analytics tracks your shopping cart events, sitemap are created automatically for Google indexation, etc.

We even do structured content automatically to promote your product and events efficiently in Google.

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Leverage Social Media

Optimize: from Ads to Conversions.
Create new landing pages easily with the Odoo inline edition feature. Send visitors of your different marketing campaigns to specific landing pages to optimize conversions.

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Manage a Reseller Network

Referencing, Lead Forward, Pricelists.

Manage a reseller network to target new market, have local presences or broaden your distribution. Give them access to your reseller portal for an efficient collaboration.

Promote your resellers online, forward leads to resellers (with built-in geolocalisation feature), define specific pricelists, launch a loyalty program (offer specific discounts to your best customers or resellers), etc.

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Integrated vs Interfaced

Benefit from the power of Odoo, in your online store: a powerfull tax engine, flexible pricing structures, a real inventory management solution, a reseller interface, support for products with different behaviours; physical goods, events, services, variants and options, etc.

You don't need to interface with your warehouse, sales or accounting software. Everything is integrated with Odoo. No pain, real time.

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A Clean Checkout Process

Convert most visitor interests into real orders with a clean checkout process with a minimal number of steps and a great useability on every page.

Customize your checkout process to fit your business needs: payment modes, delivery methods, cross-selling, special conditions, etc.

And much more...

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Online Sales

  • Mobile Interface
  • Sell products, events or services
  • Flexible pricelists
  • Product multi-variants
  • Multiple stores
  • Great checkout process
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Customer Service

  • Customer Portal to track orders
  • Assisted shopping with live chats
  • Returns management
  • Advanced shipping rules
  • Coupons or gift certificates
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Order Management

  • Advanced warehouse management features
  • Invoicing and accounting integration
  • Mass mailing and customer segmentations
  • Lead automation and marketing campaigns
  • Persistent shopping cart