Custom Payment Check

  • En Odoo, pour chaque paiement, le responsable de la comptabilité imprime un rapport "chèque" sur du papier préimprimé. Le problème est qu’il peut parfois y avoir un écart entre les valeurs à imprimer et les cases qui leur sont réservées.
  • Ce module permettant de pouvoir changer la position des éléments à imprimer sur le rapport de contrôle sans avoir à passer par une personnalisation de développement.


Here is an example where the date does not print in the corresponding box.


This module adds a "Check Position" page in the form view of the company.

Each field on this page affects the printing position or style of an item in the CHECK report printed from the payments view.

In the report below, the numbers in red are for correspondence with the fields of the company.

The values that are in the middle of the report will be superimposed on a check image already pre-printed on the paper used.

The usefulness of some fields:

Field 1: "Number of invoices lines in check page"

  • In odoo, the user can pay several bills by one payment. For each invoice odoo prints a line in the two table of the report if above.
  • This report contains two identical table, the same bills at the top are repeated at the bottom. When the number of bills is high, a single page will not be enough to print them all, so odoo printed them on several pages.
  • The "Number of invoices lines in check page" field is used to define the maximum number of lines printed on each page

Field 4: "Background"

  • This field is of type select, it can have one of two values: [Show check background, Hide check background].
  • In the case where the user will use preprinted paper, this field must be "Hide check background". But in the case where the user will use empty paper, he will then have to put this field on "Show check background", this will print an image of a check in the middle of the report.